Switch gear panel – Distribution panels JT

The switchgear of an electrical power system is a piece of equipment used to regulate, control, and turn electrical circuits on and off. Fuses, switches, relays, potential transformers, signaling devices, and control panels are some types of switchgear.

Electrical switches and fuses are examples of switching devices used in electronic systems and are used to control, isolate and protect electrical equipment. It is used to de-energize machines, equipment or installations so that they can be worked on and to resolve any problems that develop further down the circuit line.

Low voltage switchboards, also known as JT panels, are created and used to regulate distribution systems and electricity. Most applications that use this type of switchboard are industrial facilities, commercial or residential structures, indoor and outdoor substations, and others.

  • JT distribution boards for electricity
  • JT switchboards for solar energy
  • TDRI type low voltage distribution boards are intended for distribution from compact or walled substations, or in other installations where they are needed
  • JT street switchboards
  • LT switchboards
  • Distribution, measure and control,
  • Timing
  • Indoor and outdoor stations, industrial enterprises, commercial or residential buildings
  • Circuit control, introspection and protection

IP (Tables IP 54, IP 55, IP 65).
Powder coated CRCA steel and stainless steel from the following classes 304, 316 and 316L.
Case brand: CSE, Rittal, Hoffman and Eldon.
Wall or floor mounting options

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