Project Management & Survey

Anything that requires more than one person to design and build a system can be difficult. When you factor in real-world constraints like budgets and timelines the work becomes even more difficult. The only way to build something of significance responsibly is to manage the process with a general philosophy and a set of protocols. This is the fundamental principle of project management.


Surveying of industrial equipment
Surveying the industrial plant
Equipment Testing
Lifecycle analysis for industrial equipment
Reports and documentation

Smart machinery and equipment

Most construction projects include the use of automated machinery, which results in additional savings and precision. We assist you in determining the automated systems that are best suited to your needs so that you can quickly get back to productive work. We create and secure 3D models from project blueprints, which are then uploaded into the control systems of the machines. We establish reference points before ensuring that machines automatically communicate and coordinate work. Our team members will be on-site to install the automated systems, ensure that everything works properly, and provide personnel instruction and training to ensure that everyone involved in your project is up to date.

Engineering Experience:

Maritime Hotel Technical Systems
Maritime Engine Room Machinery and ECR
F&B Plants and associated equipment







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