Pneumatic control panels

These pneumatic control cabinets allow a simple and practical control of all pneumatic cylinders and actuators according to a specific pneumatic installation supplied with compressed air or other fluids.

The cabinets incorporate all the pneumatic and electronic control components required for the applications where they are used.

Integrating pneumatic control systems into your industrial process can bring significant benefits. Pneumatic control panels are very reliable and can significantly minimize ignition hazards in explosive areas. While some control units, such as modern PLC-based modules, might offer manufacturing processes with more technical sophistication, pneumatic panels offer a simple, well-maintained, easy-to-use control system and above all; profitable.

  • Low pressure pneumatic control panels
  • High pressure pneumatic control panels
  • Machines and industrial production equipment
  • Robotics
  • Assembly and dosing lines
  • Material sorting and dosing lines
  • Pneumatic control for use in ATEX required areas in a pharmaceutical process plant
  • Emergency fail-safe pneumatic system for starting a turbine for a power plant. In the event of an electrical or compressed air failure, a series of knife valves close to reverse the starting process.

IP (Tables IP 54, IP 55, IP 65).
Powder coated CRCA steel and stainless steel from the following classes 304, 316 and 316L.
Case brand: CSE, Rittal, Hoffman and Eldon. Wall or floor mounting options

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