AS Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Maintenance troubleshooting is the process by which a maintenance technician determines the root cause of an asset performance problem. To find the root cause, it should use a combination of manufacturer information, maintenance checklists, individual asset history, operator observation, and technician expertise.

A broken part, environmental factors, operator error, or a variety of other factors could all contribute to an asset breakdown. Because the possibilities are vast, maintenance troubleshooting is dependent on the completeness and accuracy of the available background data, as well as the technician's ability to correctly synthesize all of this information to identify the correct or, at the very least, most likely solution.


Consider the Symptoms
Isolate Cause
Test Hypothesis
Repair or Replace
Test Entire System
Operator Input
Comprehensive Background
Assess History
The Right Culture
The Right System
The Right Recognition

It's critical to have technological solutions that make troubleshooting more efficient and effective. A solution should not only be able to centralize and streamline data while also providing key reports and analytics, but it should also be simple enough for all employees to use quickly and effectively.

Furthermore, a mobile application is now standard practice, particularly in the field of maintenance. Technicians are constantly on the move, moving from asset to asset or troubleshooting at different plants; they must have access to complete data as well as the ability to input questions, observations, and work completed at the point of service.
With the right system, the maintenance team can transform from a cost center to a key revenue generator for the company.

Engineering Experience:

In an ideal world, maintenance troubleshooting would take place in a setting with a strong asset operations management (AOM) culture and system. AOM lays the groundwork for both an effective preventive maintenance program, which reduces the number of troubleshooting incidents in the first place, and a comprehensive data collection system, which better informs any troubleshooting situations that do arise.







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