Factory Acceptance Test

The Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) is a process that evaluates equipment during and after the assembly process to ensure that it is built and operating in accordance with design specifications. FAT ensures that the components and controls function properly in accordance with the functionality of the equipment. This testing is done at the factory, as the name implies.

FAT is typically used to assess any discrepancies and non-conformities and to develop a process for dealing with them. Deviations or abnormalities discovered during testing are recorded in a problem report and corrected before shipment.

The FAT is a customized testing procedure for various types of systems that is carried out prior to the final installation at the plant. The FAT is not required but is recommended by the standard IEC 61511, if the logic solver application software is fairly complex or if the architecture of the safety instrumented system employs redundant arrangements.


ITP (Inspection & Test Plan)
Risk Assessment & Team Input/Review
The Test Procedures
Inspection Test Records (ITR’s)

Engineering Experience:

General items
Modular process skids
Stamp, nameplate, and documentation reviews
System vacuum and pressure tests
Motor spec review
Deviation comments
System and control checks







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